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ok the ending was HILLARIOUS! so could you write me a Naruto U. lemon oneshot? I'm on quizilla as musicrocksmyworld just message me if you can:). Quizilla Stories Naruto. Home; Blog; naruto x hinata naruto hinata lemon fanfiction. except for any kids)(and Sasukes. Labels: hikaru hitachiin oneshot lemon OHSHC anime sex. Sharing Blogspot with my Best Friends! 8D Sasuke, Itachi, Madara, Obito, or others? Naruto personality quiz to see which of the Uchiha clan members you are. Take this quiz! How would you react to someone.

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Keva Love 6 September at Gaara had used his sand to transport you and him to the roof.

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He didn't really want Sasuke to stop. The blond did so and Itachi pulled away from the kiss. Sasuke decided to put a second finger into Naruto and the blond gasped in slight pain.

GaaraYou unfolded the paper slowly. The door shut behind you leaving you in total darkness. You remembered the voice. You moved your other hand on his back, dragging your fingers then up through his hair feeling every soft, spiky strand beneath your fingers.

After he was done unbuttoning your shirt he discarded it on the floor. Opening the hard wooden door, she stepped upon the dark day she had been avoiding.

7 minutes in heaven

Kanata stopped before the small shot, staring in through the window silently. I love you, god dammit, Gaara! Sasuke brought down some pillows and blankets and put in a movie. You where in love with Naruto. You took of his white ghee what he wears in shippuden , leaving it drop to the floor with a slight thud.

You quickly scanned the dark room to try and find a familiar face.

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The room was quickly filled with moans and screams of each other's names. With a slight smirk. Im not going to hurt you. He rubbed the hardening cock through the younger's boxers and Sasuke moaned once again.

You were going to collapse right there on the floor. At first I thought you and Iruka were gay. This made him groan. Naruto moaned at the feeling and Sasuke moved a little faster. lemon oneshot? On the left side of your body. You heard a sigh and Sasuke stood up.

No more fan girls!!!! The closet had a light, but it was very dim.

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You letted him carry on. When Naruto moaned they started going faster. You dirty fucking bitch. Naruto just stood there staring before he came to his senses and was about to leave when. It was like he was hugging you, tightly. Your Naruto Life [quizilla. This made you even more aroused.

ok the ending was HILLARIOUS! I chose who would be who by appearance and a little of personality. Just as things were getting heated I swung the door open, smiling sweetly.Go to, Aww chibi Sasukes making cake for Itachi Por ti sería estrella [Lemon] (Akatsuki X ____)© - Escapada.

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May 10, Posted by Larry. A small wall of sand blocked you from him. He walked into the house as he took off his shoes. This was one my 2nd lemon, You felt one of Sasukes hands leave your leg and now only one was supporting your leg on his waist.

Dark!Spain X Reader; Spain "I'm so glad you remembered to cook my favorite breakfast," he then added as his darkened emerald eyes landed on the lemon-flavored. And watch out for evil, crazed fan girls when you come out!

Lemons[♥]: I've had my eye on you - A Hyuuga Neji one-shot[LEMON]

Sasuke started to bob his head while sucking hard on the erection. so could you write me a Naruto U. He cupped it squeezed it slightly and bit into your neck a lot harder, causing you to groan through your gritted teeth.

He turned around to face you. Noticing everyone was quiet you turned around.

YesiSoto93 Lemons: ♥Not only Music♥(Hikaru Hitachiin Oneshot for iScreamLoud) *LEMON*

You had an idea and then started grinding against him. I'm on quizilla as musicrocksmyworld just message me if you can:). You felt him move away from your neck. The room was pitch black but you felt very safe because Naruto was with you.

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You then tried fitting all of him in your mouth, sliding your tongue up through the sides of him, moving him in and out of your mouth.

This is a request made for khmaiwolf94 on Quizilla. When he finished he released the grip on your hips and leaned against the wall.

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