Sasuke lemons quizilla 3some

sasuke lemons quizilla 3some

Follow/Fav Hate That I love You Sasuke Uchiha Oneshot Lemon. By: (on Quizilla) Name: Hikari Aino. Age: Sasuke looked down at Hikari and smirked as he. Cachedclassic beauty quizilla kiba quizilla lemon quizilla lemons freemovies journals. CachedSasuke lemons quizilla 3-some Quizilla, sasuke s hot sister. It kind of odd but a friend of mine on quizilla like it. Sasuke and Naruto three-way lemon Naruto sasuke three way lemon. A Kakashi Hatake Lemon -- Just Let Go Character: very well written I am loving every one of these lemons so far. Sasuke Uchiha (2) Scotland (3).

He rocked his hips lightly, he didn't want to hurt you, your body was supposed to be going through the healing process. I never actually thought.

sasuke lemons quizilla 3some

He yanked your shorts off your waist and then slowly off your legs. She stopped, looking at him with expectant eyes.

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The two of you had been friends for a long time and the Hokage trusted you into his care. Mr What will tell you the definition or nionichan. Finally, as it started to get light out, they all fell into a deep sleep. Naruto was behind her, his arms wrapped around her waist.

He took of my underwear revealing all of me to him. Sasuke lemon Finally it's finished!

sasuke lemons quizilla 3some

Kakashi eyed you from beside his bed. He leaned his forehead against yours, his mouth hung open letting the moans come freely. Both Naruto and Sasuke were still asleep.

sasuke lemons quizilla 3some

They all reached their orgasm at the same time. Just click the link below to find out what.

sasuke lemons quizilla 3some

His muscles were very defined, toned and firm. He unfastened his belt, undid the button and lowered his zipper, letting gravity pull his pants from his waist.

My Blog. DCrysal: Sasuke Uchiha (Haormi) Modern One-Shot Lemon

Sasuke grabbed her hips, placing the tip of his dick against her opening. Sakura had turned on the bar stool, leaning her back against Naruto, while her legs were draped over Sasuke's legs. To your surprise he was sitting in bed only in his pants and his black undershirt with his mask pulled over his face as usual. Okay, so I am also a user from Quizilla and with the recent ban on lemons, I decided to come here.

Hidan Love Sequel Ch.

stories/lemons: Rehabilitation? Another Kakashi one shot

I closed my eyes and put my arms around his neck. Just In All Stories: He didn't say anything and I didn't say anything. Finally, she let her lips close around his dick, slowly starting to take it into her mouth. Naruto pulled away, and Sasuke gently pushed Sakura into a sitting position. "Sasuke get to the hospital and have Sakura and Ino ready tell them to get all the medical ninja available!.

Sasuke's head was burrowed in my neck although you could hear the occasional "ooh god" or "fuck". Lord Archive The Slayers belong to www. I simply nodded my head. She arched her back, moaning again. You let a moan slip from your mouth and you wrapped your arms around him. You abandoned me and Hinata. Sasuke Uchiha (2) Scotland (3). Sasuke and Naruto removed their own underclothes, finally climbing back onto the bed with her.

When I'm trying to get some sleep and I need to do something that relaxes me, I read lemons and this is the first one I read. This Is a request from my Quizilla sight tho i dont put lemons on there because.

He silently watched you as you breathed deeply, steadily inhaling and exhaling.A Kakashi Hatake Lemon -- Just Let Go Character: very well written I am loving every one of these lemons so far. He gripped my breasts softly massging them and he began to lick and bit my right breast.

Instead they looked down at her with identical smirks on their faces. He went deep but slow but I wanted him to pick up the pace. She blushed, while they both smirked at her. I'll have a few stories up soon.

sasuke lemons quizilla 3some

Payment for letting them use my bed, he reasoned to himself. Sitting and standing all around the room was Kakashi, Ino, Choji, Shikamaru, Hinata and Kiba, who were holding hands, Shino, Neji, with his arm around Tenten, Lee and Gai, sparkle grin in place, and surprisingly Gaara and his sibling, Temari and Kankurou.

Another Kakashi one shot. They were pretty bad, those rogue ninja really roughed you up. I might make another chapter about how their relationship turns out or something.

sasuke lemons quizilla 3some

He continued to kiss and nip at your neck while caressing you. He looked up at me his eyes asking me if I wanted to carry on.

It was SO cute! He grinded his hips against you, letting you feel his erect member between your legs.

sasuke lemons quizilla 3some

Posted by Kori-chan at He did the same with all your fingers, finally getting your glove off. His breathing became lighter and steady paced and soon you heard light snores. We were at the en. Gaara are you here? His hands explored your body, giving you firm grasps here and there.

sasuke lemons quizilla 3some

Sasuke's hand moved farther up her thigh, underneath her short black skirt. He traced a finger over a scar that started near the nape of your neck and went across your shoulder blade, "They really hurt you, didn't they Micki?

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