Neji lemons quizilla 3some

neji lemons quizilla 3some

7minutes in Heaven with Gaara (lemon) but i luv it! lolz,this was sweet. i luv ur other stories on Quizilla. 7minutes in Heaven with Neji (lemon). Hyuuga Neji/Uzumaki Naruto; Other(s) a bright young thing that takes life's bitter lemons, Threesome - M/M/M (4) Fluff (4). This is a blog for all the Naruto lemons I have written. Forced Gaara Lemon (sorta) This is my Gaara lemon from my Quizilla account. Hope you guys like it:). Lemons from my Quizilla account Kiba Lemon -More than just hanging out- Name: Mia look:above Kiba Lemon -More than just hanging out-Neji Lemon.

Naruto 7 Minutes in heaven-or more (M-rated) ~.^: 7minutes in Heaven with Gaara (lemon)

He held your arms down, and breathing heavily he began kissing every inch of your body; starting with your lips and traveling down towards your neck. Okay, so I am also a user from Quizilla and with the recent ban on lemons, I decided to come here.

neji lemons quizilla 3some

The taste of his was still very much alive within you, and it had fragments of the night before slamming into your head, as well. He waited for me to get used to his size before pulling out slowly and pushing back in. One - He had been secretly attracted to you for years now.

Naruto 7 Minutes in heaven-or more (M-rated) ~.^: 7minutes in Heaven with Kiba (lemon)

Lemons were getting reported so I put them here. I especially would like to read alot of toby keith stories like this.

neji lemons quizilla 3some

Doesn't this look awesome Varunee? You whined a little and put your hand into his boxers feeling his throbbing and hard lower self. Anonymous May 17, at 2: You were replied by his throaty, husky chuckling.

so i came here and boom i saw that you had posted a new one Neji Hyuuga (5. My 11 year old cousin read this and now she's scarred for life. A Gaara no Sabaku Lemon -- Fire and was like I need some Gaara lemons. lemon oneshot?

Dark!Spain X Reader - sy Lemons

Your boldness made him want to sink himself into you and forget the entire world. He then went to your other hand and did the same.ok the ending was HILLARIOUS! Spain was a man of passion, no doubt, but sometimes, that passion can be meant in the wrong way. Anonymous July 26, at 2: Now you have to take off something for me. Please write about Shino.

NejiHina | Naruto Couples Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

You moaned Gaara's name, shifted your legs up and over his waist and locked them behind him. I guess it was mating season for dogs or somethin Arya Falls August 23, at 9: The doctors explained that it basically 'ate her alive', and that she stood no chance against it.

neji lemons quizilla 3some

And he suddenly jumped in surprise as two arms slid around his middle and a very lovely, very naked you pressed yourself against him. He also felt exhilarated. And can I maybe request a Shino or Lee lemon please?!

neji lemons quizilla 3some

You almost instantly responded. Anonymous July 5, at 8: He sat down on the floor across and to the side of you. Anonymous April 9, at 3: For a moment, you simply rested your forehead against his.

He cupped your breast in his hand, it was cool in comparison to your body temperature. He rocks against my body.

neji lemons quizilla 3some

I'm on quizilla as musicrocksmyworld just message me if you can:). It's people like you that always bring others down.

S.M.U.T.: A Gaara no Sabaku Lemon -- Fire of Suna

Hannah13 February 5, at 5: So with teasing brashness, you began to take him into your mouth, neither slow nor fast. It forced your world upside down, and not just literally. You've read that thing a million times Hatake.

Kakashi," it came out as more of a cry.

neji lemons quizilla 3some

Slowly he began to undo your bra, and you started unzipping his jeans. Anonymous March 23, at 8: Anonymous August 9, at Consequently, he started to change as well. It always shocked you when he turned into this passionate man.

so could you write me a Naruto U. He always told himself that he was a passionate country full of rich. It turned you on.

neji lemons quizilla 3some

In the first round in the finals, Neji was matched against Naruto and, during their fight, Neji explained his past and the reasons why he hated the Main family. Loving, helpful, short-tempered Looks: Sign In Don't have an account?

stories/lemons: Rehabilitation? Another Kakashi one shot

Why couldn't he just get it over with already? You couldn't say no, or else he would rip them. He takes his hand from my chin and puts in on my hip.

neji lemons quizilla 3some

He rocked his hips lightly, he didn't want to hurt you, your body was supposed to be going through the healing process. I'll have a few stories up soon.

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