Itachi 3some quizilla lemon

itachi 3some quizilla lemon

A Kisame Lemon -- Training Character: it so hot sexy lemon 0///0. Reply Delete. Iruka Umino (1) Itachi Uchiha (1). Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄ƷDesired EncountersƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Itachi Lemon one shot This is my quizilla account where most of my stories/oneshots are. Follow/Fav A Wild Night. By: ChineseRoseWolf A/N: HERE IT IS! A very juicy lemon yaoi threesome! YAY! (Finally) or else Itachi will come and butt-rape you:P. Sasuke lemon Finally it's finished! Thanks for being patient! Opposites Name: Urahara Age: 23 Kekkei Genkai: Manipulation of chakra into any form. Looks.

S.M.U.T.: A Kisame Lemon -- Training

Quickly you ate, showered, and redressed in the matter of thirty min so you had thirty min to get to the magazine stand and wait.

itachi 3some quizilla lemon

Opposites Name: Urahara Age: 23 Kekkei Genkai: Manipulation of chakra into any form. Himeka September 16, at 7: Itachi knew one thing for sure…that he desired to have her.

itachi 3some quizilla lemon

And it wasn't even with one person. Not liking to be teased he ran his hand through your hair and grabbed it at the back of your skull. Hinata bowed her head and went a dark shade of red.

itachi 3some quizilla lemon

He was so lost in thought he didn't realizeTsukiko had reached out and touched his hair. He threw your garments somewhere in the kitchen. Kakashi came up to you. You began to choke a little though, so you came off him. He managed to hold back a moan when he felt her leave a love bite on his neck. Her eyes traveled up to the sky,marveled at the colors.Sasuke lemon Finally it's finished!

Anonymous July 31, at 1: There was a stage with a DJ, people packed in, Honestly it was one of the best you'd ever been to.

itachi one shot lemon

Itachi looked up and atTsukiko with his coal eyes. On with the story for pete's sake you know how long we have been waiting! Urahara kissed you twirling her tongue around yours to get a taste of herself.

itachi 3some quizilla lemon

You felt a little guilty and tried lighting up her mood a bit with a joke. The trees started to thin and in a small clearing you immediately recognized the shape of a mangled body that laid in an indention in the ground, you ran faster, this was weird you actually felt something, stress maybe?

Itachi Uchiha lemon One shots: ^~^My Fallen Angel^~^ (Itachi Lemon one shot for RinXFallenangel)

Self conscious you looked away fidgeting with the hem of your shorts. He started to fondle with your breast a little with his other hand. Anonymous August 11, at The feel of his tongue along the shell of your ear made you shiver. Itachi-baka won't let me train with him!

Anonymous August 9, at 4: But I couldn't stop thinking about our different paths.

itachi 3some quizilla lemon

Kyasurin Yuyo July 5, at 2: This comment has been removed by the author. I closed my eyes I felt the rhythm of Itachi's thrusts which was making me moan in pleasure. The two of you talked more than you have talked to anyone in a long time. You started to disrobe his cloak and shirt breaking to kiss only moments. time: Author: upinsteat deidara baby daddy lemon Deidara Lemon Forced Check out the naruto baby daddy (deidara) story and write some great stories of your own.

Naruto lemons (= ^__- =): Naruto lemon

One had blonde hair in a ponytail with along bang and the other had dark brown hair in a ponytail with bangs on the side of his both wore identical black cloaks with red clouds outlined in white.

Looks. He is moving toward her, chest pressed to hers again and mouth catching her. You read it and dropped the scroll looking up at him.

Though found the exact opposite.

Akatsuki Lemon Chapter 1: Fucking in a Cave, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

Anonymous February 4, at 6: She was too late to react and was knocked out from behind. Thanks for being patient!

itachi 3some quizilla lemon

Totosei let go of the pack with one hand but held the strap with the other when he grabbed his son's arm and pulled him up hard enough where he could scramble to safe ground.

That hurt, his face was scrunched in rage. Eagerly he slipped his tongue across your bottom lip.

deidara baby daddy lemon

The way he looked at me, made me skip my heartbeats. I can imagine this being one of the baby daddy ones, very well written I am loving every one of these lemons so far.

If they can fuck as good as you and taste as good as him, I'd be set.

itachi 3some quizilla lemon

He slowed and rode out his orgasm and then pulled out. This time in your eyes, only his were covered in slight lust.

-Itachi Im Damn Proud Of It!!--Lemon--Requested By Itachi Uchiha Dislikes's: The rain some of my stories please click on this link its my quizilla account.

He came over and put four of the onigiri on a dish for himself and sat back at the table. I am sorry, I tried my best to not picture him when with you, but..

One Shots: Do your job. (Itachi Lemon)

Well what are they going to do about it? You scanned one another.

itachi 3some quizilla lemon

You sullenly slinked out of the room and headed for the showers. Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄ƷDesired EncountersƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Itachi Lemon one shot This is my quizilla account where most of my stories/oneshots are.

itachi 3some quizilla lemon

Sasuke held out his hands for you to get up.

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