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1. any; 2. any; 3. some; 4. any; 5. something; 6. anything; 7. nothing; 8. anybody/anyone; 9. some, any; anybody/anyone; somebody/someone, anywhere He must be still doing his homework. 3 some. 3. had anything to gain by his death. 4. I invited all of them but have come. 5. I looked around the room, expecting to see piles of books; were visible. Cody get his own latte. Spock tells me story. My First Audition - Продолжительность: Noel Miller 84 просмотров. Упражнения some, any, no, something, anything, nothing и пр. Упражнения с ответами. David decided that he needed to do anything / something constructive with his life. Will you show me some / any of your latest sculptures?

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Exercise 6 Fill in the gaps with another, the other, the second. We can't make an omelette. Other variants are often possible. I will be able to speak English very well in a year. When we use some , we don't say the exact quantity, but we could probably find it out if we needed to. What were you doing; Can he have forgotten about my birthday? Are you going to the park with your friends?

Use the words from the box. Have you met Test Since relays are electromechanical devices, the switching contacts operate by means of electromagnets and springs.

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Were you working, came; Have you seen; It was the first programmable computer, complete with punched cards for data input. That was the beginning of his adventures. 2. However, there are some exceptions to this. There are two cucumbers on the shelf. From the ABC a number of vacuum-tube digital computers developed. It was the largest electromechanical calculator ever built. Or sign up in the traditional way.

You want to reject this entry: No, there isn't any hot chocolate in the cup. He was in Mr Smith's office two minutes ago.

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Do you want me to give you my dictionary? Will the soup be, will be. Have you been; 5. 2. Вставьте some, any или no. We watched the students dancing. 1her 2him 3he, me 4I, their 5her 6his 7your 8mine 6. It was a major step toward the realization of Babbage's dream. We haven't got milk. Exercise 7 Translate the text into English.

Negative sentences. Types of questions.

Eels - I Need Some Sleep, Three 6 Mafia featuring UGK - On Some Chrome (Explicit Album Version), Three 6 Mafia feat. 1. Come here, I want you to help Granny. 1some 2any 3some 4any 5any 6some 3.

Are you hungry, Do you want; It was a major step toward the realization of Babbage's dream. Bob always likes sugar in his coffee. He must have had to do it. It used 45 vacuum tubes for internal logic and capacitors for storage. Has he ever been; 3.

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I saw George walking along the street. He knew her to be a famous singer. Exercise 1 1 yourselves, 2 yourself , 3 ourselves 4 myself 5 himself 6 yourselves. Is there any salt in the shelf?

'Some', 'Any' and 'No Article'

Have you ever been, was; 7. 1 I control the profits of my company by myself 2 Director decides on which associated with hiring and. Are you studying; When did you see; Write the story in your notebook. Has he ever been, has; 2. Mother wants me to be a teacher.At just 14, my uncle began his first job as a fisherman.

The bus was to arrive 5 minutes ago. Exercise 1 Fill in: The machine was not confined to simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. 3 Some of the cheapest food is _____. There is some posters on the wall.

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